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The French bulldog is also far less likely to bark than other dogs and does not need a great deal of exercise. They can fit easily into a small living space without feeling miserable, so they are ideal if you have a small home. If you do not have a garden, then our French bulldogs are ideal for you.

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Our purebred chubby little french bulldogs are home raised, well socialized and 100% healthy and happy pups. Please see recently taken pics of the actual puppies and you will see the quality: Top DNA for French Bulldogs.We breed our dogs with only the best studs, so your puppies are healthy and beautiful.

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Frequent walks before and after feeding is essential. I am a stay at home mom so our puppies and dogs are accustomed to going outside to play every 1 ½ hours for about 25 minutes at a time (under supervision and considering hot/humid weather).

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To help stimulate his/her appetite you can purchase Nutri-Cal and give a finger tip of the paste by mouth, at least 3-5 times a day. Give him/her their NuVet immune booster supplement once a day, I will be providing you with samples. You can crush the tablet and put it into his food, or NuVet sells the vitamins in a powder form, and other skin care products which are great!

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  • Good day Nguyen family, I just wanted to send a little something to say THANKS! Andy has changed our lives. I can't even express to you how happy he makes us. Thank you for telling me that Andy would be the best pup for us. You were right! The shipment was so safe than i expected and he was delivered to me right at my doorstep in one piece. Thanks for always being so helpful when I bug you. I appreciate it! You are so good at what you do :)
    Stacey Alabama
  • I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the gift of Cannon!!! He is the most amazing young man EVER!!!! He is the definition of PERFECTION!!! We are in love with him!!!! I don't know who's happier…. US or HIM!!!! We are totally sprung over Cannon - we have been showing him off EVERYWHERE!!!! He's a celebrity around here :) Life is wonderful thanks to you and your wonderful family. Thank you again
    Shannon, Dan and Cannon Colorado
  • "Good morning, Sarah. My husband, Scott Embry, and our daughter, Nicole, met you last June when they picked up Jax to bring him home. You may recall that we had just lost Moose, our French Bulldog, who was only 6 years old. We knew he had a heart murmur  (probably not helped by the Florida heat and humidity), but his condition had evidently gotten worse since we moved here. I am happy to report that Jax has filled that hole in our hearts!
    Kelly Tamara el Paso, TX